Gas/liquid fuel steam boilers

Liquid and gas fueled steam boilers 100...32 000 kg/h

We offer liquid and gas fueled steam boilers in the size range of 100...32 000 kg/h. We represent the largest steam boiler manufacturer ICI Caldaie, whose products have been leading the industry for more than 40 years. 

We can provide almost any process steam related products, such as: low pressure boilers, waste heat boilers, superheated steam boilers, highly efficient and low NOx boilers.

The most common boiler types are brought out below.

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Steam boiler range

Super efficient Ecovapor  350...3000 kg/h

Efficiency > 94,0 %

NOx emissions: <70 mg/kWh 

Ecovapor optimises the process of steam production as a source of thermal energy in an economical, efficient, intelligent, safe and environmentally friendly manner. Ecovapor is particularly suited for industrial applications with high modulation variability respecting the strictest NOx atmospheric emission limits and is able to communicate with other systems.

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GX range steam boiler 1700...32 000 kg/h

High pressure steam boiler genuine three pass wet back firetube. Suitable for liquid and gaseous fuels. Supplied complete with the accessories needed for automatic operation with mechanical and hydraulic assembly for all equipment and certifications ,also in compliance with the PED 97 /23/EC Directive.

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GX C waste-heat boilers 1700...25 000 kg/h

The GX C boiler is an innovative design which combines steam production from a conventional boiler and also utilises exhaust gas heat recovery, arising from an external source; the latter "free" source is configured as the priority, while the combustion can simply serve as a backup or to provide the remaining power if recovery gases are insufficient to cover system steam demand.

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