Specialists in process steam and energy saving.


Main areas of our focus

Biomass steam solutions

After years of development, we offer reliable and economical solutions for process steam production. Our biomass steam boilers come in range 100...3000 kg/h.

Gas/liquid fuel steam boilers

We offer and install steam systems which use gaseous or liquid fuels. We can supply those boilers in range of 100...32 000 kg/h.

Manufacturing of pressure vessels

We manufacture steel and stainless steel pressure vessels from 0,5 m3 to 10 m3. Deaerators, feedwater tanks, mixing tanks- ask us for a quotation.

Project management 

We offer feasibility studies and their implementation to industries, who would like to cut down their energy cost. During the process we inspect your system and suggest new economical solutions with calculations.

This is our story

We sell, build and maintain steam systems and steam generation equipment and have been doing so for more than 18 years. Every month, over 30 companies have trusted their most valuable process unit, steam boiler, to be serviced by us. 

We also offer and produce different pressure vessels and tanks- deaerators, condensate collection tanks, blowdown coolers, mixing tanks and jacketed tanks. 

We are located in Tallinn, Estonia, but we work where necessary, when necessary.



Finished projects

We finished a 500kg/h pellet fired steam boiler for our client, who uses process steam in pellet plant. The boiler will work 24/7 and is equipped with automatic blowdown, salinity control, automatic ash removal, pneumatic furnace cleaning and remote control.

We finished off another 1000kg/h steam container working on diesel for our client, who uses process steam for container tank heating. The insulated steam container includes a 2m3 feedwater tank and water softeners. A special 3 connection steam collector was brought outside with pressure regulators, to provide steam with different pressures to...

In june 2021 we successfully delivered another efficient solution for our client, installing a 2000 kg/h steam generator combined with 1000 kg/h steam boiler. What makes this special, is the super efficient boiler, with no emissions at all.

What now?