Below you can find just a brief overview of the jobs we've done

We finished a 500kg/h pellet fired steam boiler for our client, who uses process steam in pellet plant. The boiler will work 24/7 and is equipped with automatic blowdown, salinity control, automatic ash removal, pneumatic furnace cleaning and remote control.

We finished off another 1000kg/h steam container working on diesel for our client, who uses process steam for container tank heating. The insulated steam container includes a 2m3 feedwater tank and water softeners. A special 3 connection steam collector was brought outside with pressure regulators, to provide steam with different pressures to...

In june 2021 we successfully delivered another efficient solution for our client, installing a 2000 kg/h steam generator combined with 1000 kg/h steam boiler. What makes this special, is the super efficient boiler, with no emissions at all.